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How It Works.

At Traffic Hook we use real customer reviews to help you improve business performance through a honest customer feedback system. Positive feedback from real, satisfied people is the best recommendation your business can get. Our system helps minimize the chances of negative reviews being posted online. Instead, it turns negatives into constructive feedback you can use to improve your business, even in a high volume like industries like hospitality, utilities and service businesses. An unhappy customer with a well-resolved issue can become your brand’s most vocal fan.

  • Turn Key system to add testimonials to your website, share reviews on Google+, Yelp, CitySearch, and industry specific review sites.
  • Created as an online app so reviewers can use any device, Apple, Android, or PC, Mobile, or desktop insuring you fresh “as it happens” reviews.
  • By using Traffic Hook to gather reviews, you are giving your brand the opportunity to flourish and to rectify any problems your customers might have.
  • Receive and respond to instant feedback from customers while they are still in your business. This helps stop angry customers from trashing your business online.
  • Strengthen trust with your customers and create strong relationships for years to come.
  • Our proprietary feedback system helps you collect feedback, identify issues, and share positive reviews and testimonials including Video Testimonials.
  • Traffic Hook will help you increase your profits by reducing churn; improving customer conversions and retention.
  • Search engines love unique content and will update your site rankings automatically with keyword rich reviews as soon as they are written.
  • Reviews give deep backlinks to your site providing honest organic growth; an important factor in lifting your site to the top of the search engine results.
  • Monthly and weekly options to monitor online reviews and customer satisfaction.
  • Better search engine rankings means more visibility, more traffic and more conversions!